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Michael & Bonnie Bost

Michael & Bonnie Bost

Michael and Bonnie got married April 3, 1986 and have had 4 incredible kids along the way. Christopher, their 1st child, was born November 23, 1986.  Chris is currently the youth pastor of The Convergence and plays lead guitar (amazingly) on the Praise Team.  Chris married his beautiful wife Jana in May of 2011.  Shane, their 2nd child, was born December 27, 1988 and died January 19, 1989 from SIDS. Jared, their 3rd, was born April 27, 1993 and leads our AV techs at church. Rebekah, their 4th, was born January 20, 1995 and works with the Children’s Ministry and the Creative Arts Team.

Michael was in the Army from July of 1980 until he was medically retired in November 1995 due to injuries from a jump accident on Fort Bragg in 1993.

Michael served in the Old Guard (The Army’s Honor Guard) in Washington DC, the 1/508th Airborne Infantry in Panama and the 1/325th Airborne Infantry at Fort Bragg, NC. He was involved in two combat conflicts – Operation Just Cause in Panama and Operation Desert Shield/Storm in Saudi Arabia & Iraq. He began leading troops in 1983 when he was promoted to Sgt and has been involved in leadership every since.

Bonnie served in the Navy from January 1984 to January 1989.

Michael got saved on July 21, 1991 and was baptized in the Holy Spirit about 6 months later. He immediately began to immerse himself in time with the Lord and His Word. From 1993 to September of 1999, they served in many areas of ministry and leadership as God prepared them to be launched out to pastor. Michael and Bonnie have been pastoring since September of 1999.

This is an exciting time to serve and grow together here at The Convergence to impact our community for the Glory of God!