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Sundays at 2PM EST Mixlr

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ronminOn Father’s Day, June 21, The Convergence will be welcoming Apostle Ron and Minnie DePriest as our special guests for the 1:30 service.


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In observance of Easter, The Convergence will not be holding its 1:30 service this Sunday, April 5.  Sit back, relax, enjoy family, and remember Jesus is worthy!

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targetCentershot Ministries will be held every Wednesday from 6:00-8:00 PM (weather permitting) beginning May 21. It is an inter-denominational outreach ministry for ages 7 and up. Don’t worry, adults, you’re welcomed too!

At Centershot, participants learn the life-skill of archery as a tool that assists the local church to reach its’ community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Convergence is excited to team up with Centershot to bring a fun, practical, and exciting ministry to the community.

Registration forms are available before and after our 1:30 worship service.  For your convenience, you may also download your from here.

Cost: Free

Crossroads Commons
6781 Camden Rd.
Hope Mills, NC

You may also contact the director, Mike Petiot, for more information.

No Easter Service

There will be no service in observance of Easter.  Convergence family and friends are welcomed to join the fellowship gathering that will begin at 2pm.  For directions or more information, please visit our Facebook page.

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Don’t forget to spring forward on March 9, 2014!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day


The Convergence would like to wish everyone a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Happy Valentines

The Convergence family would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s!


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“For many, Scripture falls into much the same category as Shakespeare: valued and enjoyed, but seldom understood. It is not, however, out of reach. The Bible is about God, our Father, inviting us to know him in a very real and personal way.” 

Beginning this Sunday, January 26, The Convergence will be starting a compelling 6-week series (Covenant & Kingdom: The DNA of the Bible) that will provide guidance to the path of understanding what it will take to develop, to the fullest, your own individual relationship with God.

Come join us for this exciting new series, or listen to an archived teaching of the series below.

Enjoying God’s Goodness

Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoying God’s Goodness

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is all about how God has brought us through and family and friends working together to help one another. Thanksgiving is mainly defined as gratitude expressed, especially towards God. I know that I have so much to be thankful for; especially this year.

I was reading a quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book, Life Together, it was really an amazing reminder and changed the way I pray for us as the family of God at The Convergence. This is what I got from the quote. We are encouraged to be thankful for what we already have and from that place ask for increase. We are to be thankful for the little, this shows we can be trusted with more. For example, God, thank you for the wisdom you have given me, may it increase. Thank you for the health in my body, may it increase.

This reminded me of how I feel when my children ask for something. Let’s say they wanted seconds of meatloaf, “Mom, thanks for making meatloaf. You made it so good today. Can I have another slice?” That approach is so much more likely to having me give them a slice with a smile on my face.

In this quote, he also referenced us praying for our christian fellowship daily. So, what if, we did and what if, it looked like this:

 thank you for The Convergence. Thank you for the family that we are, may it increase! Thank you that have given me a spirit of power, love and a strong mind, may I grow in living this out. I thank you for employment in this family, may everyone who seeks a job, find one! I thank you that we can hear Your voice, may we be even more sensitive to your voice and quick to obey. etc.

This is just some thoughts I had after reading this quote. May you be amazed at how many things you are thankful for each and everyday! I love you all!

Bonnie Sue