Happy Horizon’s

Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch is a humanitarian ministry of the Assemblies of God, Philippines. It is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the transformation and defense of abandoned and trafficked children in the Philippines.

The Founding Directors, Glenn & Nancy Garrison are leading advocates of children’s rights in the region. Happy Horizons monitors and cares for hundreds of  children, many of whom have been abandoned or orphaned by civil war, abused or rejected by dysfunctional and poverty-stricken families, and further traumatized by the indifference of the societies in which they live. Ubiquitous and growing in numbers, many far too young to comprehend their fate, they beg, steal, and sell themselves for a hot meal, a hot shower, a clean bed. Living on the edge of survival, they are often swept in an undertow of beatings, illegal detentions, torture, sexual abuse, rape, and murder.

Happy Horizons is dedicated to helping these children get out of “hellish situations” and back on the road to meaningful and productive lives. Last year, Happy Horizons gave assistance to thousands of children through programs that foster stability and restore hope.